Open an Online Trading Account

To start Online Trading you need to Open a CDS (Central Depository System) Account.

You also need to open an Online Trading Account by downloading the form and forwarding it to the Customer Relations Divison (Phone +94 11 2 174 175).

We provide two state of the art online trading systems that cater to the needs of all types of clients.

  • A user friendly, no frills and straight forward online trading system which can be easily used by even those who are not very conversant with computer use. It also provides a very useful trade ticker which is not there in most other sophisticated online trading systems. It is as easy as using any website on the internet.

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  • DirectFN
  • This is among the most sophisticated online trading systems currently available in the market and it comes in a web based version as well as a downloaded application with many more features. It is ideally suited for users with more advanced requirements. The application version comes with a real-time updating charting software package for those using technical analysis for making trading decisions.

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