About Us

Today's business runs exclusively on IT platforms and in order to keep abreast of all advances in this sphere, Capital TRUST Holdings have expanded in to the technology arena in a major way. With a team comprised of leaders in the field, the technologically-advanced IT systems of Capital TRUST Group are centrally driven and supported by Capital TRUST Technologies (Pvt) Ltd (CTT). On the Application Systems front, CTT has emerged as a major systems developer.

CTT’s fully integrated Margin Trading System is currently being used by Margin Trading facility providers. It has also developed a Portfolio Management system.

CTT provides customer service support to over 12,000 internet trading clients of Capital TRUST Securities which is the largest internet trading customer base among Sri Lankan stock broking firms.

CTT has used its technological capabilities to interconnect margin trading providers and their branches and has thus facilitated a significant level of daily operations in margin trading.

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